INFP Characters

The idealistic hero. The… idealistic hero.

INFPs are almost always cast this character. They hold an optimistic view of the world despite everyone’s doubt, and though can be a bit naive, they often are proven to see truth where others overlooked it.

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Kitchen Sink- Twenty One Pilots


Are you searching, for purpose?/ Then write something, yeah it might be worthless/ Paint something, and it might be wordless/ Pointless curses, nonsense verses/ You’ll see purpose start to surface…

“Kitchen Sink,” one of my favorite Twenty Øne Piløts songs, is a great one for writers. Listen here:

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Seize the Day! (You too, Writers)



I know most of us writers would much rather curl up with a cup of tea and a notebook rather than step foot outside. I rarely go anywhere during summers unless the outing is scheduled and necessary (like mountain bike practice). It’s not that I dislike hanging out with people (I like that a lot), it just doesn’t occur to me. If I can spend my time writing, isn’t that more productive than going for a hike or out for coffee?

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