ESTJ Characters

Domineering. Cold. Conformist.

I know (at least) one real-life ESTJ and like several fictional ones. Let me tell you: they’re not all like Dolores Umbridge.


I didn’t notice a specific archetype they fell into, other than there are few main ESTJ characters. Let’s change that. Here’s some things to consider when writing a character who uses Te, Si, Ne, Fi.

They Can Understand People

At least, many of them can. The ESTJ I know is great at understanding and explaining people, often helping me and others understand what’s going on (yeah, a Te user helps an Fe user understand people. Crazy, right?). Hermione also does this at times.

They may view it through Te that it’s efficient to understand and connect with people, and pick up on social cues with Si, backed by Ne when things are unconventional. This can work just as well, if not better, as XNFJs intuitive understanding of others.

They Don’t (necessarily) Follow Rules

Te and Si have nothing to do with rules or abstract ‘government policies.’ Si, especially higher Si, is all about past personal experience, not the past. Te is about external logic and structure, usually manifesting as a need for efficiency and order. If rules haven’t led to efficiency in the past, they wouldn’t necessarily keep following them. If, however, there’s a possibility they’ll get in trouble (inefficient) and the rules don’t get in the way, ESTJs will likely obey.

They’re Not All Over-Controlling

Some are. But then, I’m sure some INFPs are over-controlling.

ESTJs generally like projects to be completed (Te). If they don’t see how others’ methods will get things done, many will want to step in. It’s not (necessarily) out of a need for control, but a need for things to be done in the best possible way. With time, mature ones will figure out how to view results, not the process.

Great ESTJ Characters:

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter; Boromir from The Lord of the Rings; Princess Leia from Star Wars; Peter Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

Knowing what having the ESTJ thought process means and what are just likely ESTJ traits will help you write a well-rounded ESTJ character.

Do you have any favorite ESTJ characters?


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