ISFJ Characters

Caring. Mothering. Soft.


ISFJ stereotypes aren’t very diverse. Characters, however, should be.

I know at least two ISFJs. Here’s some things to consider when writing this personality type (Si, Fe, Ti, Ne).

Ne Has Weird Effects

Just like with ISTJs, inferior Ne can pop up as uncharacteristic goofiness around close friends. This might show up as ‘weird’ stories, ‘unconnected’ things blurted out, and general zaniness.

People Aren’t Naturally Kind

Not to everyone.

Now, I know this is a positive ISFJ stereotype I’m busting, which is kind of at odds with the rest of these posts, but it’s still a stereotype and it’s still (mostly) wrong. Yes, some people find it easier to be kind than others, but they’ll still be influenced by mood, setting, and, especially, the other person.

Just because your character is an ISFJ doesn’t mean they have to be nice or caring. Just like XNFJs can manipulate people through their Fe, so can ISFJs. Just like anyone can be irritated and grumpy, so can ISFJs.

Si ≠ Unimaginative

I hate this one. Type doesn’t determine how creative you are. Intuitives aren’t any more creative than Sensors. The way creativity surfaces might be influenced by type, but no type is naturally more creative than another. Yes, some Si-doms will be unimaginative. But then, some Ne-doms will be unimaginative as well.

I said I knew two ISFJs. One of them doesn’t consider herself a creative person, because she has a hard time being artistically creative. She’s very practically creative, though. She’s quick to work around problems, like using her surroundings to make a higher cutting surface, or spraying pipes with soapy water to find gas leaks.

The other ISFJ I know is very artistically creative. When she was little, she would create stories for her and all the neighborhood kids her age to play out. They had their own characters and go on adventures within their world. She likes drawing, reading, and writing, and always has.

Great ISFJ Characters:

Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings; Steve Rogers from The Marvel Cinematic Universe; Stephan Black from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; John Watson from Sherlock

Do you have some favorite ISFJ characters?


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