ESTP Characters

Physical. Action hero. Hates commitment of all types.


ESTPs are generally shallow characters. They punch stuff, make out with people, punch more stuff, roll credits. The end. Let’s change that.

I don’t know any ESTPs personally, so I’m going off of what I know of the functions (Se, Ti, Fe, Ni) and my obsessive studying of Bucky Barnes.

Se ≠ Fighting Skills

I have this same point in my ISTP post. Se perceives the world through sensory awareness. Sensory awareness can lead anywhere from daily bathing in a tub of chocolate to the stereotypical need for physical fighting.

Martial arts, sword fighting, and most other forms of combat ESTPs favor in stories take years to master. Although Se might be initially drawn to these practices, the repetition needed to make it a reflex would bore Se (alone).

Fe > Charm

Fe is usually characterized as ‘charm’, often manipulative, especially in EXTPs. Fe is a way more than that, though.

Fe helps one determine how they feel in a situation. It’ll attempt to read the room before displaying emotions, even subconsciously. This doesn’t mean that an Fe-user will go with the same emotions or reactions as the group, but Fe is aware of whether they’re with or against the group, as they interpret it.

Now, this will lead many Fe-users to be charming, but many will also choose to stir up the crowd instead. Also, Fe isn’t always correct in its readings (especially lower in the stack; it’s less natural). This can lead to some spectacularly failed attempts at charm.


ESTPs can’t. Romantically, relationship-wise, job-wise, anything. Commitment isn’t in an ESTPs vocabulary… if you listen to stereotypes.

But using Se and Ti doesn’t mean you can’t commit. That’s like saying Si-doms won’t ever cheat. Type has nothing to do with personal values or moral fiber. Even outside of romantic relationships, Se-doms can be dogged in reaching a goal. Look at Tintin (remember him?). He’s an ESTP, but once he’s interested, he can’t drop a case.

Great ESTP Characters:

Bucky Barnes from The Marvel Cinematic Universe; Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible; Oliver Queen from Arrow; Aladdin from Aladdin

Do you have some favorite ESTP characters?


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