Creativity in an ISFJ, INTP, and INFJ


I know, I’m in the middle of a series about avoiding stereotypes. But stereotypes did come about based, however loosely, on the truth, and here’s some proof. Behold: a true scenario where an ISFJ, an INTP, and an INFJ (me, if you were wondering) are forced to be creative.

A chemistry classroom. ISFJ, INTP, and INFJ are seated at a table.

TEACHER: (giving assignment) Illustrate the concepts you learned in these past chapters through a children’s story, a poster, or another artistic way.

INFJ: Oh fun!

ISFJ: For you guys. I’m not creative!

(all get paper and pencils)

INFJ: My uncreative main character is going to switch dimensions to where these laws are reversed (laughs manically, writes like crazy)

ISFJ: What should I do?

INTP: I’ll have an element be best friends with a star and go on adorable adventures.

ISFJ: I don’t have any ideas.

INFJ: (giggles over agony of character)

INTP: Would this view of the beginning of the universe be accepted here?

ISFJ: I suppose I could have an electron walk around looking for its atom, like that one book Are You My Mother? I used to love that story.

INTP: I think I need to cut the best friend (wads up pages).

INFJ: (sets main character on fire)

INTP: Instead of several adventures, my molecule will go on one (draws molecule character). Oh she’s so cute!

ISFJ: (shakes head at INFJ, who’s giggling over own jokes, pen flying)

INTP: (turns in adorable story with adorable illustrations about an adorable molecule otherwise completely different from original plan)

ISFJ: (turns in story following the Are You My Mother? pattern but with chemistry characters)

INFJ: (turns in 10 page story of mostly text exactly following original idea chock full of Terry Pratchett like humor)



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