ENTP Characters

Mad scientist. Hacker. Con man.


I don’t know any ENTPs in real life, so I’m going off of what I know of the functions (Ne, Ti, Fe, Si).

Type ≠ Intelligence

Not to pick on just ENTPs, but every NT type is characterized as super smart. Sorry, NTs, but type doesn’t measure intelligence. That’s one stereotype that needs to burn.

But you don’t need to write intelligent characters to write good characters. And dumb intuitive can be some of the best characters out there (Emma Woodhouse, anyone?). Dumb clever characters are even better (see previous example) and both are way underutilized in fiction.

Type ≠ Morality

I see many charming EXTP con men with a secret heart of gold (or is that just in Disney?). I love ’em, but writers are there to switch up tropes. You can always make your EXTP a con woman, or you could just not assign a certain set of morals to a type.

Type doesn’t determine what you believe, it just hints at how you came to the conclusion. So, an ISFJ is just as realistic as a sleazy con man as an ENTP is.

Where’s the Women?

I know of hardly any female ENTP characters. Come to think of it, this is a problem for almost any thinking type. What, can’t women make decisions primarily through logic?

This is a really small point, but I honestly can’t think of what else to add to it.


A general rule is that ENXPs are quirky if they’re not bad guys or antiheroes. Think Felicity Smoak from Arrow. I love her character, but seeing ENXP after ENXP as some type of ‘quirky’ (especially in YA contemporary novels) bores me. Admittedly, ENFPs have this worse, almost always being some form of ‘manic pixie dream girl,’ while ENTPs are more nerdy-quirky (new term).

If you’re going to have a quirky character, have that quirkiness count. Don’t just throw it in to make an otherwise forgettable character “memorable.” If the quotations don’t tip you off, this trope is so overused that it doesn’t work anymore.

Great ENTP Characters:

Will Treaty from Ranger’s Apprentice; Felicity Smoak from Arrow; The Joker from Dark Knight Trilogy; 11 from Doctor Who

Do you know any great ENTP characters (especially girls)?


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