ENTJ Characters

Evil dictator. Cold. Blunt.


One dimensional.

Here are some things to consider when writing ENTJ characters. I’m acquainted with one (probable) ENTJ, but not well. Also, he can be almost hilariously stereotypical, so I’m going by what I know of the functions (Te, Ni, Se, Fi).

Te and Bluntness

Te has a reputation for bluntness. This isn’t entirely unfounded; Te likes straightforward facts and generally prefers the same in conversation.

This doesn’t mean ExTJs are always rudely blunt. Many recognize it’s illogical to be so since that behavior makes others resentful and therefore harder to work with. When ExTJs insist on rudeness because it’s ‘efficient,’ that’s not Te talking but unhealthy inferior Fi.

In the same vein, when ENTJ villains (looking at you, Voldemort) drive away/murder people in fits of rage for lack of ‘competency,’ that’s inferior Fi.

Ni isn’t Magical

When someone has psychic powers, they’re invariably listed under the intuition function in character analyses, and almost always as Ni. Intuition (yes, even Ni) isn’t magical.

This misconception is hard to dispel because explaining Ni is tricky. It took me forever to find one that doesn’t use weird metaphors that may or may not accurately describe it. Here’s a tumblr post that normalized intuition a little more (“mistakes two and three”). It sums up as: intuitives focus on unverifiable information as possibilities while sensors focus on verified information. No magic.

World Domination

Yes, ENTJs are generally driven individuals. This doesn’t mean they’re all driven to gain the same thing *coughpowercough.* The ENTJ I know channels his energy to helping his kids succeed in sports. Johanna Mason uses her drive to overthrow the Capital, but not to take control of it.

Functions determine how someone processes information, not what they process it into. I can’t think of an ENTJ that doesn’t have some sort of intense drive (though by all means, you can write a laid back one!), but they’re not all focused on the same goals.

Great ENTJ Characters:

Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games; Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) from the X-Men franchise; Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia; Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey

Do you have some favorite ENTJ characters?


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