Writeousness: Face Hugger

Well, Writeousness shifted, out of nowhere, into this monster:


Writeousness: Face Hugger (from Alien)

On the plus side, I’ve gotten tons of editing done over break. If only he’ll shift to a cute little dragon again…


Making Character Aesthetics: How, and 3 1/2 Reasons Why


If I use one of my character aesthetics, I’d get arrested for copyright infringement (Pinterest doesn’t exactly cite its sources)

So, Writeousness hasn’t been around much lately. I have a manuscript I’m deeply in love with, but it’s not the passionate love of a new relationship. It’s more of a married-for-decades type of love.

Which makes editing dismal.

I needed some way to rekindle the flame of my affections. First, I reread some of my favorite scenes (works way better than you’d think) and second, I made character aesthetics.

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