ENFJ Characters

Warm and fuzzy. Sociable. Idealistic.


Here’s some things to consider when writing a three dimensional ENFJ (Fe, Ni, Se, Ti).


Type doesn’t determine your outlook on life. NF types are stereotyped as ‘idealistic’ (which is often at odds with the idea of Ni’s accuracy). Intuition does deal more with personal interpretations of events rather than the events themselves, but someone’s personal interpretation can be overly positive or overly negative.

Feeling types, too, are expected to be illogical, but again, someone can illogically be over-positive or over-negative.  A person’s worldview depends on themselves, their past, and their beliefs, not their cognition.

Warm and Fuzzy

Fe-doms in general are characterized as warm and fuzzy. Look no further than Inara Serra (from Firefly) to see an exception.

Inara often chooses to be warm towards others, but she’s not afraid to dish out scathing sarcasm. When she’s meanest, it’s to protect her feelings, but she is quite willing to be cold towards whoever might walk over her.

Where’s the Men?

Just as NT types are predominantly male, NFs are usually female. With ENFJs, in particular, the men are almost completely absent. What, men can’t primarily make emotional decisions? Women can’t prefer logic?

Ni Doesn’t Make You Right

The MBTI community has somehow gotten it into its head that high Ni is almost always right. In NJ types, Ni is naturally used more often, so the user has lots of practice with it. However, the type of practice is just, if not more, important than the quantity of practice. An archer who misses a million times is worse off than one who hits the target a thousand times.

Look at Emma Woodhouse (Emma by Jane Austen- read it, it’s hilarious). I’m pretty sure she’s an ENFJ. She uses Ni to reach a singular conclusion about the intentions of those around her and discards ‘unnecessary’ information: information that doesn’t fit with her conclusions. She doesn’t consider other options until contrary evidence slaps her in the face. Just because someone is confidant in their conclusion doesn’t mean their conclusion is right.

Great ENFJ Characters:

Inara Serra from Firefly; Charles Xavier from the X-Men franchise; Elisabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice; Emma Woodhouse from Emma

Do you have some favorite ENFJ characters, especially men?


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