ESFP Characters

Ruled by emotions. Party animal. Hyper.


Here’s some things to consider when writing an ESFP (Se, Fi, Te, Ni).

Type and Socialization

I know an ISTJ who loves hanging out with friends. No Fe, no Extroversion, he just likes his people.

Type is only indirectly linked to behavior. So an ESFP may or may not enjoy socializing, parties, and lots of people.

Feelers and Emotions

Contrary to popular opinion, Feelers can often handle their emotions better than Thinkers can.

Why? Because they practice, every single day. And, yes, many practice by giving into every emotional urge that crosses their minds (see: Anakin Skywalker),  but others figure out how to both embrace and control their feelings. When a Thinker and a Feeler are both caught off guard by an emotion, the Feeler would likely figure out how to deal with it before the Thinker can. So even if a character is a Feeler, they don’t need to act like a toddler.

Se and Commitment

Se-doms are often stereotyped as unable to commit to anything, especially relationships.

But that’s like saying Si-doms will never cheat. Type has nothing to do with personal values or moral fiber. ESxPs have just as much responsibility to be true to their partner as any other type.

Great ESFP characters:

The Gentleman With the Thistledown Hair from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; Donna Noble from Doctor Who; Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games; Kaylee Frye from Firefly

Do you have some favorite ESFP characters?


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