ESFJ Characters

Caregiver. Meddling. Shoves emotions onto others.


Here’s some things to consider when writing ESFJs (Fe, Si, Ne, Ti).

ENFP Similarities

Perhaps surprisingly, many ESFJs are mistyped as ENFPs. Understanding why this happens can help develop a well-rounded character.

ESFJs have Ne as their tertiary function, so many will want to use it regularly, maybe by exploring new ideas, changing up their surroundings, or delving into symbolism. Ne tends to be a pretty noticeable function, which is why even ESFJs can be characterized by it. If you have an ESFJ, don’t be afraid to let them use Ne.

People Aren’t Naturally Kind

Not to everyone.

Some people are naturally more inclined towards kindness than others, but no one is going to be nice to everyone, all the time. A lot depends on mood, setting, and, especially, the other person. Being kind despite circumstances takes a lot of work.

I know this is a positive stereotype I’m opposing, but it’s still a stereotype that can get in the way of a well-developed character.

Bad Guys

There are not enough evil ESFJs. Newsflash: Fe isn’t ‘kindness’ or ‘sweetness,’ it’s a judging function that wants people to work with its internal logic system (Ti).

Also, Si isn’t ‘lack of ambition,’ it’s a perceiving function that makes sense of the world compared to past experiences. It also has a focus on details that intuitives naturally lack, meaning that an ESFJ’s evil plan won’t have flaws like, ‘I forgot to lock my lair’s back door’ or ‘I’m three minions short to make this attack’ (this is also why Batman needs Alfred).

Great ESFJ Characters:

Molly Weasley from Harry Potter; Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter; Alfred Pennyworth from The Dark Knight Trilogy; Bilbo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings

Do you have some favorite ESFJ characters?


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