Basing a Main Character On Yourself: An Alternative Perspective


I see tons of posts about how to not write a main character like yourself. They’re full of great tips, but I have to wonder, is that all necessary?

Certainly, if you’ve written several books, it’s good to switch things up: to force yourself into a new perspective. Don’t give yourself a free ride; you’re better than that! But for a first story, or a first serious story? Don’t write yourself off as an amazing character.

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Writeousness the Cat

Writeousness shifted again! Now he’s in the form of a cat:


Writeousness is my constant companion- my shapeshifting urge to write.

My novel is in its first round of beta readers, so I haven’t been writing creatively recently. Writeousness is respecting that, so he mostly sits in a corner, demanding attention enough to get blog posts out but not enough to drive me crazy. Thanks, buddy!

When This World Doesn’t Fit

J R R Tolkien

Do you ever have that feeling that the world just doesn’t fit right? It’s this overpowering feeling that you’re not doing enough, a longing to live, coupled with the realization that nothing you do will ever fulfill this need.

I get it the most after reading or watching a particularly good story, or when listening to a certain type of music. For me, currently, it’s a mixture of Rogue One and Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams album, but really, anything good can set it off.

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