5 AWESOME Male Characters

There are just as many terrible male characters as there are terrible female characters, so here’s some good ones and what makes them awesome.


1. Finn- Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Finn broke the stormtrooper brainwashing; that alone says a lot! No matter what his past, he chose not to take part of the village slaughter. He does what he thinks is right, no matter the consequences.

Despite being a trained soldier, he’s no ‘tough guy.’ He starts the movie with a panic attack, must remind himself to stay calm through a jail break, and isn’t always confidant with his abilities. He tries to protect Rey even after wanting to leave and is willing to attack Kylo Ren with no lightsaber training. He shows that even people who are sometimes panicky and unconfident can be heroes.


2. Aaron Burr- Hamilton

Not only is Aaron Burr (sir!) a perfect foil to Hamilton (more on that here), but he’s a super interesting character. In a world where “non-stop” productivity is praised, he’s “willing to wait for” just the right moment. He’s a different type of person than normally seen- unaggressive, but fights for what he wants when he wants it.

When he sings, “I am inimitable, I am an original,” he’s accepting that he’s not like Hamilton, and that’s okay. It’s fine to have a character, even a male character, be easygoing to the point of hesitation.


3. Nine- Doctor Who

Aww Nine. I miss you. Nine cared so much, about everyone. Remember how ecstatic he was when, “Just this once, everyone lives?” Ten would have been happy, Eleven would have smiled sadly with the knowledge it wouldn’t always end that way, and Twelve may not have even shown he cared. But Nine was absolutely euphoric. Not only did that drive home how rarely he saw a happy ending, but it showed how much he truly loves people.

The way he deals with his enemies is just as intriguing as the way he deals with his friends. When he faces the ‘last’ dalek he shows such hatred that it says to him, “You would make a good dalek.” Yet he also is willing to give some enemies a second chance, like the Slitheen woman. Write a character who cares. Write a character who cares about innocents. Write a character that may care too much about stopping the bad guys. Write a character who cares enough to learn to give second chances.


4. Lemony Snicket- A Series of Unfortunate EventsAll The Wrong Questions by Lemony Snicket

Ah, the quirky mysterious narrator we all need in our lives. His love for Beatrice, his obsession with telling the Baudelaires’ tale, and his involvement in a secret organization are important pieces of his character, and not always explained. Although he starts out in Series as a seeming plot device to give the story ‘voice,’ he quickly evolves into an important character, nuanced enough to not always do the right thing, but noble enough to try.

Despite a four book series (All The Wrong Questions, a prequel about his apprenticeship) where he is the main character, much of Snicket’s life is still shrouded in mystery. Every detail of a character’s life doesn’t need to be spelled out to make him a ‘good’ character. What’s hinted at is often more powerful than what is outright said.


5. Steve Rogers- The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Some people criticize Captain America for being a flat character because he always chooses the moral high ground and doesn’t change. But that’s the point- he’s not supposed to change, he’s supposed to fight not to change. Because of this, he can be contrasted against the other characters in his life, like Stark, Natasha and Fury (and maybe Bucky). He shows them (and himself!) that it’s not always the underhand methods that win the day.

It’s the character dynamics that make Steve so interesting. Characters aren’t meant to exist in a void; they’re supposed to be apart of a cast. It doesn’t need to be a large cast like the Avengers, but what makes a story great is the relationships between characters, and how they affect each other. Some characters may be changed, while others will be the catalyst for that change.

Men don’t need to be stereotypically ‘manly’ to be an excellent character. They can be hesitant, panicky, or caring. They can have a great moral compass, or a terrible one. They can be mysterious, like Lemony Snicket, or predictable, like Steve Rogers. There are millions of types of people out there. Characters should reflect many, not just a select few.

Who are your favorite male characters?


5 thoughts on “5 AWESOME Male Characters

  1. Complete YES about Nine. I feel he was SO underrated — maybe because he was only there for one season, maybe because he was followed by a really terrific Doctor — but to me it doesn’t matter, Nine stands on his own and personifies the personality/struggles/history of the Time Lord. That’s one of my favorite parts, too — “Just this once, everybody lives!” *chokes up and flails with so much emotion* It also shows you who he is deep down, when the Welsh servant girl offers to close the Rift before the Gelf come through, and he doesn’t just say, “Thank you,” he says, “I’m sorry.” *bring the tissues back* And when the Emperor of the Daleks accuses him of being a coward, and he not only accepts it, he actually admits he’d rather be remembered as a coward (a pacifist) than as a killer (a war hero).

    I could go on for days about him — thanks so much for remembering him in a fandom that often overlooks him.

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  2. I adore Cap and Burr both! Not only are they both adorable little cinnamon rolls, but they are truly fantastic characters in their respective stories.

    Burr I love because he brings new perspective to how we look at the hero character. We laud Hamilton for his gogetter attitude without thinking about the fact that some people simply cannot live their lives that way. As he says in Wait For It, Burr has EVERYTHING to lose and Hamilton has nothing. For Hamilton there is no risk, so he can be bold and reckless. But Burr has his family name and reputation to think of. I also love how he is proud of who he is: “I am inimitable, I am an original.” He’s not ashamed of who he is. And he’s accomplished a lot. He’s still alive and he got Theodosia.

    So, in some ways, I relate more to Burr than I do to Hamilton.

    Cap! Where do I even start???

    I can’t fathom why anyone would think he’s boring, for starters. The argument that “he always does what’s right and that’s predictable” is ridiculous because other characters (the bad guys and Tony Stark) almost always do what’s wrong and no one accuses THEM of being predictable!!! Besides, we can’t ALL be antiheroes. Sheesh! For my part, I think Cap is complex and emotional and has depth. And he’s gorgeous, so it’s a win-win. 🙂

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    • Yes!! You’re so right about Burr. And his take on Hamilton brings up how awesome Hamilton’s character is, too- because Hamilton DOES have stuff to lose, he just does. not. realize. it. And I think the difference between their characters is that Burr looks at all that he has while Hamilton looks at all that he doesn’t have, and that’s where their different approaches come from.
      I know what you mean- I definitely relate more to Burr than Hamilton, too 🙂

      I agree about Cap, too- antiheroes are great, but we have too many of them right now! The gorgeousness is a plus, too 😉


      • Dude, what a good point!!! I was kind of thinking of when Hamilton first comes to America – he has nothing… no reputation, no name, no family. Nothing to lose. But you’re right – as the story progresses, he gains SO MUCH but maintains that same mentality that he can risk it all and it doesn’t matter. But he DOES have something to lose at this point – his marriage, his good name, his family, his son, his wife’s trust and heart and just AGH WHY WAS HE SO STUPID???

        So true! 🙂

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