Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Find What Works For You


I remember reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, by Rick Riordan, for the first time. It was technically my brother’s series, so he got to read them before me. I read faster than him, so I would wait in agony for him to finish the next book. I felt like Tantalus- so close to what I needed, but still so far… Good times.

This series is up there with The Hunger Games and Harry Potter for books I’ve reread too many times to count. But why is that? Is Percy Jackson amazing literature? Nope. But it’s something that, in some ways, is even better. It’s a lot of fun to read.


Burdge is my favorite fan artist for Annabeth and Percy. Plus, look how young and adorable they were!

Percy Jackson is goofy and clever and action packed, full of hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) characters and a world that you wish was real, nevermind what Percy says about not wanting to be a half-blood.

I don’t read books just for laughs. Some of my favorites are Ender’s Game and Till We Have Faces, after all. Percy Jackson is mainly a comedy, and doesn’t try to say something astounding about the world. Sure, it has some interesting themes, especially with Luke in the last couple books, but overall it’s a light read.

If you write goofy stuff best, go for it. Embrace your own style, and don’t worry about being perfect in all areas. Find what works for you, and perfect that. Just because you’re not writing the next Lord of the Rings doesn’t mean you’re not writing the next Percy Jackson.


I like Andy for Nico best, though

One last note. I can’t write a Percy Jackson review without talking about how great the villains/anti-heroes are. Luke’s backstory and motivations are fascinating. The Last Olympian is my favorite book of the series because of him. Nico’s development is super sad, and his loose cannon character is excellent. I think Ethan Nakamura is intriguing and I love how he grew. Even Hermes, a very minor character, has a lot of potential. He seems to have more depth than many of the other gods.

Have you read Percy Jackson and the Olympians? What did you think?


But Viria’s whole pictures are best, I think. Look it’s perfect!!


5 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Find What Works For You

  1. Loved this series! My favourite part about it is that riordan actually focuses on issues in the world, but he adds humor and comedy into it and makes it Super relatable. His recent books like trials of apollo and Magnus chase are similar but still embrace spreading awareness. Oh and I’d love it if you could check out my blog and maybe give me feedback!
    Great review!!


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