Avengers Infinity War: Stalling Versus Setting Up

Avengers Infinity War_ Stalling Versus Setting Up

It’s all been leading to this. All the Marvel movies, all the hype, everything. Avengers Infinity War is finally here.

One of the largest recurring Marvel flaws has been its ‘filler’ movies. It’s clear when one just exists to stall, building excitement for next big crossover. But what’s bigger than Infinity War? Isn’t this the culmination of everything? Well, yes, but…


As the movie draws to a close, it becomes clear that this isn’t the end. No one got what they wanted, except for Thanos. Steve Rogers lost his two best friends which have been his reasons for fighting, and Tony Stark lost Peter, his connection to the next generation of superheroes. These heroes won’t be able to rest until they’ve made it right.


I didn’t go into Infinity War expecting it to lead somewhere else, not immediately (yes, there’s an Avengers 4, but since it no longer has a title I wasn’t really thinking of it in connection to Infinity War). This was supposed to be it. But the ending felt like more of a halfway point than anything.

Does that mean I was disappointed? Not at all. In fact, I was relieved! (That being said, the friends I saw it with were upset, so mileage varies). My biggest concern going into the film was that they would try to do too much, getting the heroes together, setting up Thanos, providing character development… So seeing that the writers were willing to give the story the time it needed made me happy.

da9d67b1-f54f-425f-978e-467f111407e7-avengersinfinitywarSome stories aren’t meant to be told in two hours. It would have been rushed and sloppy to tie together the Guardians, Thor’s group, Steve’s people, Wakanda, and Stark’s people, while moving the larger plot forward in a traditional story arc. The fact that we only got to this point in the story in a two hour and forty minute movie shows this story needs more time.

Then what makes it different from Marvel movies that only hint at future conflicts?

Because Infinity War is not a hint. It’s part one.

The world completely shifts. Half the team is gone, and it’s the half that needs to get back- Tony Stark and Captain America don’t have much time left. As Doctor Strange said, we’re in the end game now. The way to ‘win’ is no longer about keeping Thanos from the Infinity Stones. We may have lost this battle, we may have even lost this War, but we still need to get through it.

Infinity War got us to this point- it’s setting up, it’s not stalling.

_7e551db6-280f-11e8-a8dd-98cd3615fcfaI appreciate how much this movie relied on the earlier movies- time wasn’t wasted setting up who Doctor Strange was or explaining why Thor was with Asgardian refugee ship. This gave time to focus on what was important in the moment.

I was a little disappointed how Stark-centric this movie was, though the last Peter Parker scene made it worth it *sobs*. I was also impressed by Gamora’s role in the story. Plus, Vision and Wanda were surprisingly adorable. I just wish Cap and friends had more to do.

nullI also appreciated how it never cheapened the emotional scenes with dumb jokes- it let the funny parts be funny and the sad parts sad (“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel good”). And Loki’s death? Perfection.

So this movie was as good as I hoped, even though it looked different than I expected.

Infinity War doesn’t stall, but it does set up for the next movie. This is absolutely essential to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a factor that’s been missing from many Marvel movies.

So even though Infinity War isn’t the full story, it is an indispensable part of the story, and that’s why I’m satisfied.

What did you think of Avengers: Infinity War?


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