Need Some Inspiration? See Leigh Bardugo as a Teenage Writer

Need Some Inspiration_ See Leigh Bardugo as a Teenage Writer

You all know I love Leigh Bardugo, author of the brilliant Six of Crows duology and the gorgeous Language of Thorns collection. But she started out as a beginner, just like everyone else.

I unearthed a video where she graciously shares some of her early writing. It’s… relatable. And by relatable, I mean I was crying/laughing in my university’s computer lab. So maybe don’t watch it in public. Here’s the link.

I Was a Teenage Writer (Leigh Bardugo)

The others on that panel (and similar panels) are worth watching too, but I’m not vouching for any of the content. Proceed at your own risk, but it’s probably worth it.


Gregor and the Code of Claw: A Lasting Impact

8dbba17559ea3bdecf51bd0e4958195cGregor and the Code of Claw is the fifth and last book in the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins.

I love this series (if you couldn’t tell…). Eight years ago, I had stopped rereading Chronicles of Narnia, my first book love. I wasn’t read much fantasy at that time- sticking mainly to mysteries or other ‘real world’ genres. But then I got this entire series as a birthday gift and devoured it in four days. Continue reading

When This World Doesn’t Fit

J R R Tolkien

Do you ever have that feeling that the world just doesn’t fit right? It’s this overpowering feeling that you’re not doing enough, a longing to live, coupled with the realization that nothing you do will ever fulfill this need.

I get it the most after reading or watching a particularly good story, or when listening to a certain type of music. For me, currently, it’s a mixture of Rogue One and Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams album, but really, anything good can set it off.

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Making Character Aesthetics: How, and 3 1/2 Reasons Why


If I use one of my character aesthetics, I’d get arrested for copyright infringement (Pinterest doesn’t exactly cite its sources)

So, Writeousness hasn’t been around much lately. I have a manuscript I’m deeply in love with, but it’s not the passionate love of a new relationship. It’s more of a married-for-decades type of love.

Which makes editing dismal.

I needed some way to rekindle the flame of my affections. First, I reread some of my favorite scenes (works way better than you’d think) and second, I made character aesthetics.

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