Stranger Things 2: 3 Ways to Balance Multiple Plotlines

Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 2 guys. It’s here. And it’s… over, if you’re like me and have finished it (which I would assume so since you’re online and not hunkered down avoiding spoilers at all costs).

I was super impressed by this second season. There were so many plotlines to juggle, but it was all done so well. The world and the cast grew and expanded naturally, while still staying true to what people loved about the first season. There were three specific ways I noticed that they did this. Here’s how you can learn to plot like Stranger Things 2!

Spoilers ahead.

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Themes and Jessica Jones, Season 1


This post will be less of a lesson and more of a reflection or analysis. I wrote specifically about the theme of personal responsibility earlier, and this post will cover more topics.

What most struck me most about Jessica Jones is the focus given to its themes. Most superhero shows do have a point that, say, killing is wrong, or that compassion is important, but I’ve never seen the themes explored as deeply as this show explores them.

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Personal Responsibility and Jessica Jones, Season 1


This post will be less of a lesson and more of a reflection or analysis. Contains spoilers.

Jessica Jones wins the prize for the most thematically focused tv show I’ve ever seen. Throw in movies, and it’s near the top. Hey, add books to the mix, and this superhero Netflix show is still in the running.

You wouldn’t expect that if you knew what Jessica was like. She’s hard-drinking, bad-tempered, and terribly selfish at times. But above all else, Jessica Jones emphasizes personal responsibility.

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