11 Things Only Slow Writers Understand

11 Things Only Slow Writers Understand

Yeah, I’m going Buzzfeed with this post. My logical energy is too depleted to make convincing arguments (thanks, finals week).

I’m a pretty slow writer- it takes me a long time to string one word after the other. With this comes several feelings that others just don’t understand. Can you relate?

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Need Some Inspiration? See Leigh Bardugo as a Teenage Writer

Need Some Inspiration_ See Leigh Bardugo as a Teenage Writer

You all know I love Leigh Bardugo, author of the brilliant Six of Crows duology and the gorgeous Language of Thorns collection. But she started out as a beginner, just like everyone else.

I unearthed a video where she graciously shares some of her early writing. It’s… relatable. And by relatable, I mean I was crying/laughing in my university’s computer lab. So maybe don’t watch it in public. Here’s the link.

I Was a Teenage Writer (Leigh Bardugo)

The others on that panel (and similar panels) are worth watching too, but I’m not vouching for any of the content. Proceed at your own risk, but it’s probably worth it.

Avengers Infinity War: Stalling Versus Setting Up

Avengers Infinity War_ Stalling Versus Setting Up

It’s all been leading to this. All the Marvel movies, all the hype, everything. Avengers Infinity War is finally here.

One of the largest recurring Marvel flaws has been its ‘filler’ movies. It’s clear when one just exists to stall, building excitement for next big crossover. But what’s bigger than Infinity War? Isn’t this the culmination of everything? Well, yes, but…


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The Greatest Showman: Happiness in Fiction

Copy of Template- Make copy

I managed to catch The Greatest Showman in a cheap theater near my house, and I’m so glad I saw it on the big screen- one with great, surround sound speakers. It’s a wonderful, fun spectacle, and you should see it if you haven’t already.

I loved how happy of a movie it was. P.T. Barnum’s goal (when he was focused), was to make audiences smile. The movie itself never got too dark. And it wasn’t just a fluffy story, either. The point of it was that happiness can be meaningful- it’s not lesser than more serious works.

Spoilers ahead.

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When Your Manuscript is Too Short (and 4 Ways to Fix It)

When Your Manuscript is Too Short (and 4 Ways to Fix It)

I see so many tips and lessons on cutting down a manuscript. It seems like many authors struggle with writing too much, with cramming to many ideas in.

I suffer from the opposite problem. My manuscript is too short- it’s closer to a novella than a novel. I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this issue, so I thought I’d share four ways I’m finding to fix it.

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Why I Read… Middle Grade

Why I Read... Middle Grade

Even though I’m years older than the intended age for Middle Grade books, I still read a lot from that range. In fact, some of my favorite books come from that category. Why is that? Isn’t MG just dumbed down Young Adult? Not at all.

Some of the best world building and creativity I’ve ever read comes from MG books. It doesn’t feel the need to add romance and angst to every book, either, which is much appreciated. Finally, while MG isn’t afraid to get dark, it deals with that darkness in a much subtler way than you’ll find in YA or adult.

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Jessica Jones Season 2: Unlikable Characters

Jessica Jones Season 2_ Unlikable Characters

Finally, Jessica Jones season two arrived! If you think that I watched the whole season in a week and a half, you are absolutely right.

As you can see from previous posts, I loved season one. That gave season two a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite do that. Part of this was the villain, part of this was the filler episodes, but the biggest reason was the characters. Those that should have been unlikable were portrayed sympathetically, while those that should have been sympathetic weren’t super likable. The roles of the characters were off.

Take Jeri Hogarth. She was extremely unlikable in the first season, and it fit her role wonderfully. But in this season, she’s portrayed in a sympathetic light, which misses much of her draw. And then there’s Malcolm. I saw him as the most morally grounded in the show, but now his flaws are stacking up.

Spoilers ahead.

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Why I Read… Young Adult

Why I Read... Young Adult

In the past, I’ve been pretty harsh on the Young Adult age range as a whole. I’ve read so many books from that category that are derivative, flat, and overly romantic. But I still find myself picking up YA.

It has a unique set of strengths, and those strengths are what bring me back to it despite its flaws. Almost every YA book is brimming with energy, many are accessible and relatable, and so many are willing to play with ideas.

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3 Major Blogging Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

3 Major Blogging Pitfalls And How to Avoid Them

I love running a blog. It’s a great motivation to make writing a part of my everyday schedule, I enjoy organizing my thoughts on bookish topics into (semi) clear arguments, and I like connecting with other bloggers with similar interests. If you’re interested in starting a blog, I’d definitely encourage you to go for it!

But there are a few potential pitfalls to blogging. If left unchecked, they can lead to frustration with blogging and even writing in general, which is the exact opposite of what running a blog should do.

Whether you’re considering starting a blog, a new blogger, or a regular blogger who needs a reminder, here are three pitfalls I’ve encountered and how you can avoid them.

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