Lower Functions in Writing: Starring Hamilton

Well, I haven’t done an MBTI post in awhile. So here we go… with Hamilton! (And Burr. Him too).


Pick the Thinker and the Feeler. It’s not as easy as you’d guess.

In the MBTI theory, you use four of eight possible cognitive functions. The order that your top two appear gives you your four letter ‘type,’ like ISTJ or ENTP.

The stereotypes for each type are often based on those top two functions only. For example, INTPs are considered socially awkward robots, because their tertiary Si and inferior Fe are ignored. Continue reading


ISFP Characters

Artistic. Loner. Special.


Many main characters are ISFPs. In fact, this type is the quintessential Main Character: morally concerned, willing to take risks, and independent. But one character type for a role gets boring.

Here’s some tips on writing ISFP characters (Fi, Se, Ni, Te).

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